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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mother of Twins vs Mother of a One

Lately I have had lots of questions about raising twins. I must say that it's obviously all I know, so I can't compare it to just one baby. HOWEVER, there are a few key things worth mentioning that I truly never thought about during the pregnancy. Of course there is the obvious, double diapers, double feeding, doubel the night time wake ups, and then there are the following:

~ Mom of One (MOO): Every Detail written in//Mom of Twins (MOT): Atleast 1 empty baby book/~
~ MOO: Buys the $10 sales item // MOT: Is $20 to buy both worth it~
~ MOO: Perfect Professional pictures EVERY MONTH // MOT: Only been to a Photo Studio 2x(See Pics)~
~ MOO: Grab Baby, run in the store for milk // MOT: Get cart that is for one baby, strap one in and pray the other doesn't fall (AGAIN) standing in the big part~
~ MOO: Fairly easily go to the pool // MOT: Basically not worth the trouble to find a "helper"~
~ MOO: Lunch date with friends no big deal // MOT: Again a Helper or babysitter is best~
~ MOO: Smallish cutesy diaper bag // MOT: Plain, big backpack~
~ MOO: Pick up baby when he wakes up and snuggle // MOT: Feel guilty for picking up one before the other (Though I do get double snuggle in the end)~
~ MOO: No more mommy pooch after a year // MOT: Still desperate to loose the muffin top~
~ MOO: Blessed // MOT: Richly Blessed

I didn't write this to complain. I absolutely ADORE my "little men". There are just a few things that are slightly annoying at times...not that moms of one don't have those times too:)