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Friday, January 7, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

I shall make no promises to blog more often this year. I have decided that it's pointless. I am a scattered mommy of 2 toddler boys that likes to socialize and play more than anything boring at the house! With that said, here's where we are in life (in no particular order):

Christmas: Dance Star Mickey, Not the best gift for Clay:( And we think he is traumatized as he is now scared of his floating bath toys...

Daddy makes even a pillow case fun and worth fighting over

Ben and I were so blessed that this is all we had to buy them (thank you to our wonderful families)

It is true, skip the toys and buy them a box

Atleast on Christmas morning when they attack each other they look cute and festive

We had a quick run to the ER.(Ben is fine no worries), but apparently we need a calmer Christmas Day in 2011!

Wait for it.... (Clay may have been scared of this)

Linc LOVES Dance Star Mickey...

Oh- and how do things like this happen???

And I think that's all for now. Linc is talking through the monitor and informing me that he has a "poo poo". The joys of motherhood:)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gripe of the day---

I am officially OVER Walmart. I think they have a total of 3, I repeat 3 double seat carts in the whole darn store!(which by the way the sticker says my children are too young/small for) SOOOOOO--Clay had to ride standing, sitting, and crawling out in the big part of the buggy. Meanwhile, Linc wanted to get out of the child seat part because he wanted to play with all the "goodies" in the cart. ALSO, they have approximately 40 registers. Can you guess how many were open? Yep, 7! AND 4 of those were express check out!!!!!!

So you see, I am going to Kroger next time with my millions of double seat carts! (Though we don't use the TV ones because you cant push those outside!!!)

For my friends who think I should be on Facebook- this would have been a great update! Haha.

Friday, October 22, 2010

How do you get to pictures like these?????

I wonder if as parents with grown children, you ever look back at pictures and think: "What in the world was happening there?" or "Where where we (mom n dad)?" So here is the picture: And here is the answer: actually the video is at the bottom of the page because I'm having issues. Also,do you remeber "The Cage"? Guess that's what we get for refering to our "playpen" as the Ultimate Fighting Ring/Cage type deal. But really how adorable are these guys?!?!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mother of Twins vs Mother of a One

Lately I have had lots of questions about raising twins. I must say that it's obviously all I know, so I can't compare it to just one baby. HOWEVER, there are a few key things worth mentioning that I truly never thought about during the pregnancy. Of course there is the obvious, double diapers, double feeding, doubel the night time wake ups, and then there are the following:

~ Mom of One (MOO): Every Detail written in//Mom of Twins (MOT): Atleast 1 empty baby book/~
~ MOO: Buys the $10 sales item // MOT: Is $20 to buy both worth it~
~ MOO: Perfect Professional pictures EVERY MONTH // MOT: Only been to a Photo Studio 2x(See Pics)~
~ MOO: Grab Baby, run in the store for milk // MOT: Get cart that is for one baby, strap one in and pray the other doesn't fall (AGAIN) standing in the big part~
~ MOO: Fairly easily go to the pool // MOT: Basically not worth the trouble to find a "helper"~
~ MOO: Lunch date with friends no big deal // MOT: Again a Helper or babysitter is best~
~ MOO: Smallish cutesy diaper bag // MOT: Plain, big backpack~
~ MOO: Pick up baby when he wakes up and snuggle // MOT: Feel guilty for picking up one before the other (Though I do get double snuggle in the end)~
~ MOO: No more mommy pooch after a year // MOT: Still desperate to loose the muffin top~
~ MOO: Blessed // MOT: Richly Blessed

I didn't write this to complain. I absolutely ADORE my "little men". There are just a few things that are slightly annoying at times...not that moms of one don't have those times too:)