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Monday, October 25, 2010

Gripe of the day---

I am officially OVER Walmart. I think they have a total of 3, I repeat 3 double seat carts in the whole darn store!(which by the way the sticker says my children are too young/small for) SOOOOOO--Clay had to ride standing, sitting, and crawling out in the big part of the buggy. Meanwhile, Linc wanted to get out of the child seat part because he wanted to play with all the "goodies" in the cart. ALSO, they have approximately 40 registers. Can you guess how many were open? Yep, 7! AND 4 of those were express check out!!!!!!

So you see, I am going to Kroger next time with my millions of double seat carts! (Though we don't use the TV ones because you cant push those outside!!!)

For my friends who think I should be on Facebook- this would have been a great update! Haha.