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Friday, January 7, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

I shall make no promises to blog more often this year. I have decided that it's pointless. I am a scattered mommy of 2 toddler boys that likes to socialize and play more than anything boring at the house! With that said, here's where we are in life (in no particular order):

Christmas: Dance Star Mickey, Not the best gift for Clay:( And we think he is traumatized as he is now scared of his floating bath toys...

Daddy makes even a pillow case fun and worth fighting over

Ben and I were so blessed that this is all we had to buy them (thank you to our wonderful families)

It is true, skip the toys and buy them a box

Atleast on Christmas morning when they attack each other they look cute and festive

We had a quick run to the ER.(Ben is fine no worries), but apparently we need a calmer Christmas Day in 2011!

Wait for it.... (Clay may have been scared of this)

Linc LOVES Dance Star Mickey...

Oh- and how do things like this happen???

And I think that's all for now. Linc is talking through the monitor and informing me that he has a "poo poo". The joys of motherhood:)


Yours Truly said...

LOVE the one arm out of the PJs. I love having a boy. What a blessing you have TWO! : )